Borderline Personality Disorder: Understanding the often misunderstood.

The Shameless Shrink

When I first thought about Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD. A few things came to mind: fear, that it was a “woman’s issue”, but mostly that it was a VERY difficult disorder to have or treat.

Since my often wrong “first thoughts”, I have learned a lot about BPD, and with exposure, reading, and opening my neural pathways I have grown to understand that although it has a bad wrap in society, it is a very interesting and important disorder to treat and understand.

Per usual, some Psych Myth Busters:

1. Only women get BPD.

While the vast majority of BPD cases are in fact female, 2 out of 10 cases are male. 20% is a large number to look over, and researchers have also stipulated that men tend to not seek help for mental health issues as often as women. Thus, as far as we know–gender doesn’t play a…

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